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A must-see video: Illustrates the cause and effects of rote-learning “chew and pour” on the family, industry and society.

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About EmoEles

EmoEles (pronounced M.O.L.S.)

EmoEles is stylised after the acronym M.O.L.S., which stands for Mensah-Okyere Learning System. It is a learning tool that stimulates critical thinking and discourages the tendency for students to use the rote ‘chew and pour’ method of learning.

EmoEles brings what we call the PAR, which involves the elements of critical thinking, to life. The PAR constitutes the engine of EmoEles. This means EmoEles makes use of the basic elements of critical thinking i.e. analysis, synthesis, application, etc. It goes further to exceed these expectations by requiring that the learner sets competent questions to purposefully direct his/her learning. Among other functionalities, it also integrates the use of mnemonics for the learner to retain factual information during study.

Since it requires only a study notebook to use EmoEles, it becomes a handy tool for students anywhere to use at any time without the need for a computer or electricity to propel it. EmoEles integrates a system of spaced repetition that works flawlessly in a paper notebook thus attaining an almost similar application as a computer-based programme. An e-version of the EmoEles is currently at the labs.

The Creators

The tool is created by Cledor Education through extensive research and pilots initiated since July 2007 by seasoned professionals and educationists, notable are F. A. Mensah-Okyere, Prof. Joseph K. Essuman (PhD), Edward T. Atta (PhD) and Rev. Fr. John Straathof (SVD). The pilot programme has so far been beneficial to thousands of pupils and students in Ghana, recently through the LCs since the year 2014.

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Our clients are glad they came.


Robert Feglo, Parent

Jack & Jill School – Accra

“After enrolling my child in the LC, I could see improvement in all her subjects. She had about six awards in the school after the exams. I don’t see Eyram struggling over her books any longer. Everything is now so simple for her.
During the children’s day in our church, Eyram was given memory verses to study for a bible quiz. She wasn’t even studying the verses the way I expected she would. However, on the day of the quiz, she was able to recall the verses so well. When I asked her how she did it, she said she used the sitting arrangement in the church to come out with that brilliant performance. I am more than satisfied with the LC”

Grace-Nancy Otoo, School Counsellor

St. Theresa’s School – Accra

“The LC promises to be more effective and provides a better value for money than the ‘Studies Teachers’ that most students and pupils have at home.”

Martin Nyaaba, Parent

Mothercare School – Accra

“…I have no doubt that if my boy should use the EmoEles as expected in studying, he would be among the best three in his school.”

Michelle Danso, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“…Now, I have enough time for rest and enough time for learning. The LC is fun; the methods are easy to understand; and I remember what I learn even after a whole month and still counting.”


Akua Peprah, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“The LC really helps in all subjects. Learning is now more fun for me. I am able to remember things clearly and my grades are going up.”


Alexis Kumah, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“The LC has made learning much easier for me. It teaches fun, better and faster ways of learning…”


Janice Attakli-Banini, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“…The LC has helped me to organise myself and know what to do at the right time. Now, I can keep large amounts of information in my memory. My grades are improving already.”


Naa Yarteley Quaye, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“…With the help of the PAR which I learned at the LC, I have improved on my studies and I learn a lot of things in just a short period of time. My scores in class have moved up. Though the processes seemed long and complicated in the beginning, everything made sense in the end. All students should enrol in the LC because it will teach them how to learn easily and prepare them for their exams and their future.”


Christabel Sarbah Naa Amorkor, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“The LC has helped me to manage my time wisely. It is easier to understand and keep what I learn in memory…”


Vanessa Quarcoo, Alpha Beta Education Centres - Accra


“The LC skills are very detailed and fun. It has helped me to learn better and faster. I understand everything I learn better now. I only wish we had started sooner…”


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