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Let's Help - EmoEles


Hello there! I am Francis Mensah-Okyere, Creator of EmoEles. I’d like to share a brief personal experience with you. I believe it will help shape your understanding and reinforce the need for you to join this campaign on critical thinking.

To put this self-learning tool and website together, we’ve had to rely on services across the globe, mostly outside Africa. That’s when I realized that the rest of the world has already left us behind…

Recently, in the course of so much hard work, I had to find an international payments gateway that will make it possible for backers outside Ghana to pre-order these truly innovative EmoEles study notebooks.

It was really saddening for me, actually a highly emotional experience, when I found that all the companies that claimed to be worldwide brands in processing online payment transactions did not offer services for businesses in Africa. They left Africa out.

The question is “Why?” And a bigger question is “Why don’t we seem to be doing anything about that?” If they don’t believe that Africa is on the globe and is part of the world, why do we not create these very essential solutions for ourselves, to facilitate online sales to the rest of the world? Why are we unable to soar beyond all the excuses no matter how genuine some of them may appear to be?



If we’ve got brains that can reason, minds that can imagine, hearts that feel, we must rise up beyond all the excuses and teach ourselves that we can. We can’t do any of these without critical thinking – not just the kind that helps us move about on a regular day; but critical thinking skills that get us to innovate and create seemingly magical solutions to our own problems, lest we become and remain slaves in our own lands.



Yes, I’m talking to you, my hero! Whether you find yourself in Africa or elsewhere in the world, please join this campaign. Let’s help one another all over the world to thrive. It’s not hard anymore. All we need is a simple EmoEles study notebook with the world’s no.1 self-learning system inside.

Many thanks to indiegogo.com who have made provision for Africa. They are one of the few who are truly walking their talk.

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